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Aquawallgym™ swimming-specific products

Raise the level of your training!

Parachute Set

Set includes: 1 pair of special sandals, 1 pair of 40 cm long strong (blue) rubber tubes, parachute

The special sandal is a unique solution in the world, developed by AquawallgymTM. By securing the rubber tube under the sole, it is guaranteed that in spite of the resistance, the swimmer will not lose balance, keeping the swim technique intact. It can be used to train any stroke. It increases endurance and speed. Results are spectacular and can be immediately noticed after removing the parachute.

Size of parachute: S (20x20 cm), M (30x30 cm)

Foot bags

Made of durable, yet skin friendly socks recommended for every swimmer, regardless of age or gender. It can be used during any stroke without having to change your technique. You can use it in combination with fins for extra resistance. Because of the special tube, size can be adjusted and secured in one step, while being comfortable to wear.

Drag Skirt

Made of durable, yet skin friendly material. Recommended for women, men, adults and children also, can be used for any stroke. The size can be adjusted with an elastic tube, so it comfortably sits on the waist.

AquawallgymTM Heavy Ball

A ballon filled with air and water, its weight can be increased up to 6 kilos. This special ball is an excellent addition to strength training, at the same time, due to its shape is totally safe. When empty, it weighs less than 0,25 kilo, making it easy to transport.

Hand Paddles

Made with the latest technology, excellent materials, its development was aided by professional swimmers and their coaches. Its ergonomic shape guarantees stable floating, increases resistance and thrust, improves technique, thereby increasing performance.

Its unique point is the special neoprene band protecting wrists, while the position of the rubber holding the fingers can be easily changed.

Size: S, M

Dry-land Hand Paddle Set

Set includes: 1 pair of hand paddles, 1 pair of 90 cm long strong (blue) and extra strong (yellow) rubber tubes, a fixing loop.

Hand paddles have a crucial role in dry-land strengthening trainings. Due to their neoprene bands perfectly fit the hands, thereby protecting them. The elastic tube secured to the strap moves freely, completely adjusting to the movement of the specific exercises.

Great for sport-specific warm up, strengthening arm muscles and practicing arm technique on land.

Warm Up Tube with Handles

Set includes: 120 cm strong (blue) rubber tube with handles

Tubes are chlorine and UV resistant and its stretch is proportional to the pull applied to it. Hand grip is comfortable and safe. Simple tube exercises are effective muscle strengtheners and can be applied during both warm up and rehab workout.

Rehab Tube Set

Set includes: 120 cm long easy (orange) and medium (green) rubber tube

Tubes are UV and chlorine resistant, their stretch is proportional to the pull applied to them. Simple tube exercises are effective muscle strengtheners and can be applied during both warm up and rehab workout.


Mesh backpack is indispensable for swimmers. It can be ordered with your logo printed on it.

Madison Kennedy, US freestyle sprinter, World Record holder in the 4x50 m freestyle relay

Katie Meili, US Olympic swimmer, Rio Olympic Champion of 4x100 m medley relay, bronz medalist in 100 m breaststroke

Sasha Touretski, Swiss Olympic swimmer, freestyle and butterfly sprinter