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Aquawallgym™ Fitness Functional

AquaWallGym Fitness

Aquawallgym™ Fitnes training concept is recommended for those whose aim is to improve their fitness level and strength, and to attain a well conditioned and athletic body. Based on these exercises we become both energetic and powerful. Apart from its dynamism, the focus is on accurate and controlled execution of movements and therefore the improvement of coordination, balance and postural control plays an important role.

Aquawallgym™ Fitness Cardio

AquaWallGym Fitness

This training concept aims to improve cardiovascular (aerobic) endurance. The capacity of lungs increases, the function of heart muscles improves and it boosts the oxygen in-taking capacity of our blood. Due to the activation of aerobic metabolism during the exercises we rapidly burn off body fat.

We gain the opportunity for improve our endurance in a well controlled way, thus the concept is recommended as part of body mass decreasing programs, to prevent heart and cardiovascular problems, as well as for pregnant women due to the beneficent properties of water.

Aquawallgym™ Rehab

AquaWallGym Fitness

Thanks to the variability of Aquawallgym™ Training System, this concept plays a role not only in prevention but in therapeutic application also.

When dealing with orthopedic and rheumatologic diseases, by combining the supporting buoyancy and the opposing viscosity we are in an ideal environment for the careful yet multi-faceted therapy. Adding to this, elastic resistance makes an accelerated healing program possible. In traumatology we use it following injuries, before surgeries and afterwards in rehabilitation. In the field of neurology, the safe development of impaired functions, as well as balance, coordination and walking is ensured.

Those suffering from cardiovascular disorders use the Aquawallgym™ Cardio training concept.

Aquawallgym™ Sport

AquaWallGym Sport

The aim of Aquawallgym™ sport-specific functional training is to improve the athletes’ performance.

Besides this goal the concept focuses on decreasing the number of risks causing injuries, as well as the quick rehabilitation of injured athletes. The athletes’ endurance and strength improves, their movements becomes quicker and more powerful. Their coordination and balance gets better, which results in the higher accuracy and efficacy of their movements.

This programme is relevant and bears significant high importance in water sports, such as waterpolo, swimming, synchronized swimming; and for the athletes of non-water sports it offers a safe yet highly effective additional work out.