Challenge of a New Dimension

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The AquaWallGym™ Training System is
suitable for the training of any muscle groups.

Full workout appropriate for any unique body tpye.

Use the power of water!
Enjoy your body’s bursting energy!

Aquawallgym™ Training System

In water our body moves easily and freely, the load on our joints, ligaments, and bones is much smaller, yet our cardiovascular capacity increases, and the viscosity of water supports our coordination and balance.

Thus working out in water is a real challenge for us! The resistance of water challenges our strength, and the deeper we are, the more difficult is to control and to coordinate our movements.

If you have no time for long work outs but want to see fast results without overloading your joints, then Aquawallgym™ Training System offers you the best alternative!

"The AquawallgymTM is a great exercise tool which is effective in terms of physical preparation and offers endless workout. A must-to-try for everybody, have fun."

Fodor Rajmund

Water Polo Olympic Champion, World Champion, European Champion, World Cup Winner

"Based on my many years of experience in waterpolo,I can state that the Aquawallgym™ is a unique invention;I recommend it to all instructors, waterpolo players, and to anyone who likes sports."

Dr. Kárpáti György

3 x Olympic Champion and

3 x European Champion waterpolo player and coach

Useful in the treatment of musculoskeletal problems, effective in the post-op rehabilitation but sport-specific training also can be perform.

Dr. Erdélyi Gábor

Head physician, specialised in Orthopedic Traumatology, Head physician of the Hungarian Handball Team, and the Medical Team in the Olympic Games (2004. Athen, 2012. London)

"Unique, excellent Hungarian invention; makes training sessions more effective and variable!"

Gyarmati Dezső

3x Olympic Champion

2x European Champion waterpolo player and coach

"I recommend to all who had been affected by the health culture of the modern civilization."

Dr. György Lángfy

MD, Sportphysio-Therapist, Honorary Associate Professor, Medical Management of Hungarian Olympians

AquawallgymTM is a great idea, which is not only easy on the joints but improves perfect physique, stamina, coordination in the rehabilitation phase, as well.

Gergely Harsányi

150x member of the Hungarian National Handball team
member of the Hungarian Olympic team (Athens 2004, London 2012)
captain of the Hungarian National Handball team

"Unique equipement, outstanding training method – even for handball-players!"

Ilyés Ferenc

Hungarian Olympian (4th place), World Championship (5th place) handball player

"I think the Aquawallgym™ and the Training System is one of the best, most variable, surprisingly compact and thoughtful training with a cool, super equipement."

Papp Gábor

Judo Paralimpikon
2008 Peking: Paralimpia V.
2012 London: kvótát szerzett