“Nowadays aquafitness and training in water is more than a sport for “grannies” or the often-seen programmes at the hotel’s pool with music. During the years we have achieved that these days it’s not lame to join an aquafitness training as a man, most of the times elite athletes start their rehabilitation joining our group trainings. Whoever chooses to train with us can experience sweating in water and learn quickly what does “10 times faster” means. Come and try it!”

Péter Pribélyi

Aquafitness originates from the United States, it has been around since the 1980s. I got introduced to it in UK, and I gave my first aquafitness training in Hungary in 2000. Since then I am giving the trainings on each day of the week.

Aquafitness nowadays is a well-known and acknowledged form of physical workout, more and more and more athletes and non-water sport teams are using the benefits of training in water.

Water provides a safe and load-free medium for rehabilitation, training in water is not only perfect for improving strength and stamina, but also for recreation or gaining a better shape. Using these benefits, we can make the way of achieving these goals more effective, and our training also have the ability to help with losing weight, getting stronger meanwhile having fun.


Based on its natural three-dimension movements, Aquawallgym™ Training System satisfies everyone’s needs. Our system can be used alone or in group trainings, regardless of age, gender or physical condition. It doesn’t matter, if you cannot swim, because the special fitness belt helps with floating, and even supports you to achieve the right posture. Our trainings take place in deep water, where no one’s feet are touching the bottom of the pool, so our trainees, even if it’s hard at first, run, jump etc. in order to move forward in the water. We even recommend the trainings of Aquawallgym™ for women who are expecting a baby, following their doctor’s permission of course. If you suffer from spine or joint problems, overweight or cardiovascular diseases you are also free to join our classes.


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Rehabilitation in water is highly recommended for those who are suffering from problems of the spine, because the load that pressures the vertebrae, are less in water than on land, and many aquafitness exercises could make the muscles of the core stronger. Aquafitness doesn’t deputize physiotherapy on land, but they can be a great supplement for each other.

Following an injury of the lower limb, the patient is able to run and even jump in water, which normally in the early period of rehabilitation is impossible on land. This can give the feeling of success and motivates the patient for the rest of the rehabilitation, resulting a faster recovery.

If you would like to join our trainings following an injury or surgery, please make sure to contact us via phone before the first appointment.


It’s well-known for coaches and elite athletes that achieving the absolute best result, avoiding injuries and lowering the risks are the most important. In case of lack of knowledge and professional equipment, the way of developing is often followed by multiple injuries and long rehabilitation.

That’s why a sport-specific training and using the optimal techniques are the key to achieve the adequate stamina and muscle strength. Workout in water is not only beneficial during rehabilitation, but it is also highly recommended for prevention and improving one’s strength, stamina and speed. Many times, elite athletes are getting surprised how hard aquafitness can be. Even if it seems so easy at the beginning, when they try it, they get the experience that it requires a really intense work of the muscles. After the training they often feel a “new kind of tiredness”, that they have never or hardly ever experienced before. The main reason behind this effect is that, exercising in water needs a unique, unusual way of muscle-work.


Our group classes take place in 2 pools in Budapest from Monday to Sunday. Our participants all get exercises and equipment according to their skills and physical conditions. During our classes both the Olympian, under recovery and the “amateurs” are training in the same line. Some of our “amateurs” have been training with us for 15-20 years. Of course, you can have a private training, and we are also open to give trainings for sport teams and companies in the aim of teambuilding. If you are searching for any of these options, please contact us via mail or phone.


The essential equipment, e.g. fitness belt, elastic tubes, dumbbells, water noodles or the Gymstick are all ensured by us. As a part of our trainings you’ll get the chance to try the Aquawallgym™, challenge your coordination and concentration on the SUP board and prove your muscles’ strength with our special heavy balls and heavy belts.


You do not need much, just bring your swimming suit, slippers, towel and your good mood. If you would like to try yourself at the pool of Rákoskeresztúr,

do not forget your swimming cap either.

The first training is free, you only have to buy an entry ticket to the pool.

Are you interested? Contact us!


The first training is free, you only have to buy an entry ticket to the pool. In all cases we require registration before the first training via phone

(+36 20 33 33 948). On our trainings we provide all the essential equipment, you’ll only need to bring your swimming suit, slippers, towel and your good mood, excitement and endurance. Swimming cap is only needed if you’d like to join our classes at the swimming

pool of Rákoskeresztúr.

Császár-Komjádi Béla Sport Swimming Pool

1023 Budapest, Árpád fejedelem útja 8.

Monday and Wednesday: 10:00-12:00

Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 19:00-20:00

Saturday: 14:00-15:00

Sunday: 9:00-12:00

Swimming Pool of Rákoskeresztúr

1173 Budapest, Uszoda utca 2.

Tuesday and Thursday: 9:00-10:00