I am Péter Pribélyi aquafitness trainer, aquatic rehabilitation specialist, inventor and owner of Aquawallgym™, Master Trainer of AquaGymstick, inventor of Gymstick Rehab, lecturer at the Faculty of Health Sciences of Semmelweis University and last but not least a proud father of two.

Water and water related sports have been a key part of my life since

my childhood. I used to play water polo for 13 years, later during my

studies in the UK I got introduced to aquafitness, which at that time

was completely unknown in Hungary. When I got back home, I wanted to introduce this method to the Hungarian sport and rehabilitation society.

In 2000, at the age of 22, I was the first to hold aquafitness trainings in Hungary. Meanwhile I was working with Hungarian and foreigner physiotherapists and doctors to find the best solution for fitting aquatic workout to the rehabilitation and finding the most efficient way for decreasing the time of rehabilitation. My desire was to innovate an equipment, which combines the useful effects and the resistance of the water and which would be useful for training and rehabilitation also. This equipment has become the Aquawallgym™, the first Hungarian water machine, which is under patent pending. The product development is still going on and we are selling several unique, and self-developed products.

My goal is to bring the attention of the Hungarian physiotherapists,

doctors, trainers, coaches and athletes and also of the worldwide audience to the importance of load-free training in water. Highlighting

that, physiotherapy in water and on land are not each other’s competition, but a very effective supplement to each other.

We have had the chance to represent ourselves in several Hungarian

and foreign media platforms and not only to participate, but to perform

at fitness, sport and rehab conferences as well. In spite of that if

someone would ask me what I am the most proud of in my career, I would say those rehab programmes, in which I had chance to help people learn how to walk again after having to use the wheelchair; or when I participated in the recovery of elite athletes; when I supported

Olympics’ and Paralympics’ rehabilitation and prepared them for

returning back to the field.

Péter Pribélyi

phone: +36 20 33 33 948


address: 1141 Budapest, Kalocsai utca 61.

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