Dryland sports equipments

Our dryland sports equipment were brought to life by our sport-specific trainings, the first land-based strengthening and ball trainings after the rehabilitation. We wanted to transfer our elastic resistance training, vector training and unstable surfaces to the land.
During the product development we have built on the experience and feedbacks of elite athletes and coaches. As a result of it, we have developed bungee ropes, speed accelerator set and sports belt made specifically for land-use.
Our rubber tubes can be combined with our accessories, making them excellent tools for improving strength, endurance, balance and speed, as well as fine-tuning the technology.

Whom recommended?

  • hobby and elite athletes, sport teams
  • strength & speed training indoor or outdoor; goalkeeper training
  • gyms, fitness clubs for cardio and CrossFit trainings
  • in street workout parks attached to a stable barrier or tree