Heavy ball

Our heavy ball has a balloon inside that can be filled with air or water, its weight can be increased up to 5 kilos.

This special heavy ball is an excellent addition to any sport-specific strength and balance training, at the same time, due to its shape is totally safe. The water moving in the ball is an extra factor compared to traditional common medicine ball exercises.

The number and variety of exercises can only be limited by creativity. It can be used as an unstable surface, e.g. push-ups; you can throw the ball or use it while holding by the ears as well. Thanks to the special wrist strap it can be used to practice the throwing movement, or it can be fastened to our wrists with the help of the straps freeing our hands and palms. Furthermore you can use it for easy workouts in the office or at home. It has a special effect even when sitting in a chair, putting it behind your back, it functions as a great posture enhancer.

When empty, it weighs less than 0,25 kg making it easy to transport.

With each ball you will get 3 balloons.

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