As the first mobile underwater gym equipment on the market, Aquawallgym™ is portable and easily adjustable (only few minutes) to any kind of outdoor or indoor pool which has a water level of more than 1 m. It can be applied to overflow white grid, barrier or even to starting block. Furthermore, we are open to develop any new form of application according to the users’ needs.

It is extremely light, only 3 kg!

Located on the main pole of Aquawallgym™ you will find 4 crossbars at different depths. Each of the poles allows you to connect elastic tubes of different length or strength. These rubber tubes were developed by us specially to use in water, thus they are UV and chloride resistant unlike common fitness tubes.

Aquawallgym<sup>TM</sup> and accessories

With the help of the resistance of the water and the rubber tubes it makes the user to be able to do exercise in any direction without load on their joints. Thanks to the versatility of the equipment huge number of exercises can be realized. The goal is to move as many muscle groups as possible during each exercise. Only by changing the position another muscle, body position or movement can be trained.

If you are training with Aquawallgym<sup>TM</sup> rubber tubes and special belts are essentials. You can increase the intensity and the diversity of the trainings with our other innovations like the handgrips, ankle straps, wristbands, sandals, aquastick, heavy belt or the heavy ball.

There are 5 different levels of resistance:

  • orange (light)
  • green (medium)
  • blue (strong)
  • yellow (extra strong)
  • black (super strong)

Our rubber tubes are available in 3 different lengths (S – 90cm, M – 110cm, L –120cm).

Thanks to the different applying points and combining with the wide range of supplementary products it could make trainings more effective and diverse,

only depending on your creativity.

Due to the special abilities of our additional products it is ideal for recreational activities, rehabilitation and sport-specific training as well. Next to muscle-strength it could also increase the users’ coordination, stamina and speed.