Rajmund Fodor

Water Polo Olympic Champion 2x, World Champion, European Champion, World Cup Winner

"Based on my many years of experience in water polo, I recommend the Aquawallgym Training System to all trainers, water polo players and to anyone who likes sports. The Aquawallgym is a great exercise tool which is effective in terms of physical preparationand offers endless workout. A must-to-try for everybody, have fun."

Rita Keszthelyi-Nagy

captain of the Hungarian Women’s Water Polo team,

European Champion, European Championship 3rd place 3x and 4th place,

World Championship 3rd, 4th, 5th place,

Olympic Games 4th place 2x,

Hungarian Champion 8x, Hungarian Cup winner 9x, LEN Cup winner,

Player of the Year 8x, Top Scorer of European Championship 4x, Top Scorer of World Championship 2x

"Thanks to Peter for meet the Aquawallgym products, that are part of my daily training. My personal favourite one is the rubber tube, that I use to warm-up my shoulders to prevent injuries. This is special because I can use it in the water also and thanks to the wristband, I can even hold the ball in my hand, so I can practice everything and strengthen my shoulders. Peter invents these special tools very creatively, considering the needs of the sport."

Gábor Erdélyi MD

Head physician, specialised in Orthopaedic

Traumatology, Head physician of the National Handball Team of Hungary, member

of the Medical Team in the Olympic Games in Athens and in London

"The Aquawallgym is a great innovation, which finally made the improvement of movement coordination, the sensimotor training besides the strengthening is possible and effective in water as well. Useful in the treatment of musculoskeletal problems, effective in the post-op

rehabilitation but sport-specific training also can be performed. Thus, the Aquawallgym is suitable in prevention and treatment of sport-injuries as well – therefore truly recommended for everyone."

Ádám Juhász

member of the National Handball Team of Hungary, European Championship (U18) 2nd place

“I started Aquawallgym training 2 months after my knee surgery. Even on the first training I had the feeling that all my muscles - which were inactive during the first period of my recovery - has started to work again. My stamina was significantly getting better and better after each training. I recommend this method to anyone, who needs rehabilitation after an injury or who is healthy, but simply want to try an intense and unique kind of training method.”

Szandra Szöllősi-Zácsik

member of the National Handball Team of Hungary, Cup Winners Cup winner 2x, Hungarian Champion 2x, Hungarian Cup winner, European Championship (youth) 2nd place, Slovenian Champion and Slovenian Cup winner

“After my shoulder surgery Gábor Erdélyi MD suggested me to try Aquawallgym. The exercises in the water improved my stamina and endurance without any load on my shoulder, which made my recovery significantly faster. It was an important aspect for me, like for every elite athlete. Because of all these reasons I could only recommend this method for everyone, who wants to try an indeed effective form of rehabilitation. Thanks to Aquawallgym in a short period of time I could return to the handball court.”

Márton Kékesi

Hungarian National alpine skier, World championship 43rd place, Giant Slalom Olympics 42nd place, Slalom 30th place

"Alpine skiing requires a complex combination of skill and coordination. Often, I have to handle unexpected situations for staying on the track or avoiding a fall. A situation of mine like this resulted in a torn ACL. Aquawallgym helped me through my rehabilitation and the following advancement. I had the chance to try a method that I haven’t never known before. While doing exercises on the SUP board, as an unstable surface I had the opportunity to improve my condition and coordination. These exercises helped me a lot to regain and moreover to even improve my complex movement-control ability."

Donát Bartók

member of the National Handball Team of Hungary, European championship (youth) 2nd place

“I had the chance to get introduced to Péter Pribélyi and the method of Aquawallgym in 2013. But to participating in Péter’ trainings became a necessity for me in 2019 again, when I did my rehabilitation in Budapest following my knee injury. It wasn’t even a question that I had to attend in the trainings in Császár-Komjádi multiple times each week. After every training I felt a kind

of tiredness, that only a very profound mobilization exercise can cause: my whole body was in pain, but I knew, that this is the best thing I could do for my recovery. Peti is a confident and strict trainer, which is the optimal for this method. During the period of 4 months of working together my muscles were evolving constantly. By the time I got to the point, where I could run on land,

I had no pain at all. My stamina improved and thanks to the method my deep muscles got activated too (achieving this on land is pretty elaborate). According to my experience water exercises put less load on the joints, specially on the knee and spine, meanwhile the muscles of the hip, thighs and back can work with full intensity. I would like to highlight that Aquawallgym is

not only for elite athletes. My wife, who was expecting our baby at the time, was also enjoying to the trainings with me, and like everyone on these trainings she got exercises fitting her condition and abilities. It’s hard for me to summarize the work of Peti. I can only suggest that if you have the chance, try this unique method and experience it yourself.”

Piroska Pappné Szamoránsky

member of the National Handball Team of Hungary 145x, Hungarian Champion 3x, Hungarian Cup winner, Cup Winners Cup winner 3x, EHF Cup winnerOlympic Games 4th place, European Championship 3rd place, Montenegro Champion and Montenegro Cup winner

“After my knee surgery parallel the common physiotherapy, I was lucky to get in touch with the Aquawallgym. Péter Pribélyi, the trainer maximally supported my recovery. Training in water is not only easier but also easy on the joints. If my schedule lets me, I am always happy to join Péter’s aquafitnesz classes till this day. I recommend it to anyone, who wants a fast recovery following

an injury.”

Gergely Harsányi

member of the National Handball Team of Hungary 179x, captain of the National Handball team of Hungary, Olympic Games 4th place 2x, World Championship 6th, 7th, 8th place, European Championship 8th place, World Championship (youth) 4th place, European

Championship (youth) 6th place

„After my injury in the World Cup qualifications, I had a knee surgery and Gábor Erdélyi, MD suggested me to try the Aquawallgym Training System. On the one hand, it was a fantastic feeling to take advantage of the lightness in the water, on the other hand, the overcome of water resistance, running, jumping and playing ball games in the water are one of the most demanding exercises. Aquawallgym is a great idea, which is not only easy on the joints but improves perfect physique, stamina, coordination in the rehabilitation phase as well. I recommend it to both young and elderly people, professional or hobby athletes as well and everyone who loves water and water sports.”

Ferenc Ilyés

member of the National Handball Team of Hungary 229x, Olympic Games 4th place 2x, World Championship 5th, 7th place

"Three months before the Olympic Games in London I suffered an ankle fracture. The stakes of the rehab were extremely high; at the beginning the aquatics with Aquawallgym seemed the most effective. Later I started the dynamic movements also in water, with Aquawallgym - I think

Aquawallgym and Peter Pribélyi had an enormous role in that I could have been a member of the Hungarian Olympic team. Unique equipment, outstanding training

method even for handball players!"

Nikolett Szabó

judo player, Paralympic Games 3rd place 2x, Paralympic Games 5th place, World Champion 2x, European Champion 2x, European Champion 2nd and 3rd place

"According to my long history of being a competitive judo player, I can say that Aquawallgym   is an excellent supplementary exercise, which gives a chance for the muscles and joints to relax. It helps the recovery and increases the efficiency of the daily trainings."

Gábor Papp

judo player, Paralympic Games 5th place

"After several ankle injury I used the Aquawallgym in the recovery phase then during the preseason period. It was an excellent method to substitute the ordinary land-based aerobic and sport-specific training without overuse my joints. The Aquawallgym trainings had a wide variety of exercise and intensity, could suit my actual physical condition. I think the Aquawallgym and the Training System is one of the best, most variable, surprisingly compact and thoughtful training with a cool, super equipment."