Heavy belt


Our heavy belt is a unique, comfortable and thin equipment on the market; created for water-use and made from high-quality neoprene; filled with different amounts of small pebbles.

Our standard heavy belts’ weights are 1,5, 2, 2,5 and 3 kgs.

It adjusts perfectly to the user’s body, it doesn’t harm the user’s skin and it lets free movement in all directions.

Our heavy belt is available in 2 different sizes, but due to the extra strong velcro there is a chance of adjusting each size, achieving the perfect fit.

We have created the heavy belt specially for muscle-strengthening. It can be used not only on land but in shallow and deep water as well.

The heavy belt doesn’t help with floating, if the user cannot swim, we do not recommend using it in deep water.

If you are looking for a heavy belt in another size or another weight, please feel free to contact us.

Additional information


S 88x15cm, M 98x15cm


1,5kg, 2kg, 2,5kg, 3kg

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