Dryland hand paddles set

Dryland hand paddles have a crucial role in dryland strengthening trainings.

Due to the neoprene bands it perfectly fits the hands, thereby protects them. The elastic tube secured to the strap moves freely and adjusts completely to the movement of the specific exercises.

Great for sport-specific warm-up, strengthening arm muscles and practising arm technique on dryland.

The set includes:

  • 1 pair of hand paddles
  • 1 pair of 90 cm long blue (strong) rubber tubes
  • 1 pair of 90 cm long yellow (extra strong) rubber tubes
  • 2 pieces of fixing loop


Our rubber tubes are the result of a years-long innovation and testing processing process. These tubes have been specially developed for water-use.

The blue (strong) rubber tube is mainly recommended for cardio training in water for youth and adult female athletes.

The yellow (extra strong) rubber tube is mainly recommended for cardio training, improving strength, stamina and speed in water for youth and adult athletes.

On dryland these blue and yellow rubber tubes are recommended mainly for strengthening arms and lower limbs, improving techniques. DO NOT USE our yellow rubber tube for speed training and for exercises with sudden jerks and changes of direction when the rubber tubes are overstretched at the ends. For these exercises we recommend our bungee ropes, which are specially developed for land-use.

Chlorine and UV resistant

Rubber tubes are installed with a special safety system inside to avoid accidents and to insure long expiration for our products.

Stainless-steel carabiners on the ends for easy attachment to the AquawallgymTM or to the fixing loop. DO NOT USE the tube attached to itself!

Due to certain aspects of the Theory of Training and ensuring the safety of the core muscles, we ONLY recommend using rubber tubes IN PAIRS (1 pair/athlete).

Available in 3 different sizes (90, 110, 120 cm)

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