Warm-up tube with handgrips

The set includes:

  • 1 piece of 120 cm blue (strong) rubber tube with stainless-steel carabiners on the ends
  • 1 pair of handgrips

This set is a great choice for sport-specific warm-up, strengthening arms, back and core muscles and also for easy workouts in the office or at home.

DO NOT USE our blue rubber tube for speed training and for exercises with sudden jerks and changes of direction when the rubber tubes are overstretched at the ends. For these exercises we recommend our bungee ropes, which are specially developed for land-use.

Tubes are chlorine and UV resistant and its stretch is commensurate to the pulling force.

They are installed with a special safety system inside to avoid accidents and to insure long expiration for our products.

Comfortable, high quality handgrips with durable foam, tubular webbing and stainless-steel ring.

Thanks to the carabiners on our rubber tubes and bungee ropes it is easy to attach our handgrips.


Our rubber tubes are the result of a years-long innovation. They have been specially developed for water-use (chlorine and UV resistant), made in 5 different levels of resistance. Normally our tubes are available in 3 different sizes (90, 110, 120 cm), installed with stainless-steel carabiners, but we are open to produce it in individual sizes due to special customers’ needs.

Due to certain aspects of the Theory of Training and ensuring the safety of the core muscles, we ONLY recommend using rubber tubes IN PAIRS (1 pair/athlete).

Except our orange and green rubber tubes, all tubes are installed with a special safety system inside to avoid accidents and to insure long expiration for our products. Our rubber tubes have stainless-steel carabiners on their ends for easy attachment to the AquawallgymTM or with a fixing loop to a barrier or a ladder. DO NOT USE the tube attached to itself!

By following the instructions and in case of using them properly, our tubes really have long expiration.

Another speciality is that, their flexibility is commensurate to the pulling force, they are extremely elastic.

Based on the flexibility and support of the rubber tubes and the properties of water, AquawallgymTM allows the users to move freely without any load on the joints. Thanks to the variability of the equipment it can be used for a wide variety of exercises. The objective is to utilise a wide range of muscles during each exercise.

Which rubber tube is recommended for you?

type of rubber tube use in water use on land office workout
colour level of resistance rehabilitation fitness/ cardio/recreation youth sport adult elite sport
orange light x x only for warm-up x
green medium x x x only for warm-up only for warm-up x
blue strong x x x x x x
yellow extra strong x x x
black super strong x x

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