These special sandals are our unique, AquawallgymTM inventions. It has an applying point under the sole, which guarantees that despite of the resistance swimmers will not lose balance, keeping the swimming technique intact.

It is made from durable and comfortable neoprene and perfectly adjusts to the feet. It will not put any unnecessary pressure on your foot. It also doesn’t control the users in moving freely.

Our sandals are installed with a stainless-steel ring, which provides an easy way to link our rubber tubes to this product.

Our sandals are perfectly suitable for strengthening and for swimming “in one place”. In contrast to the swimming with rubber tubes attached to the belt, it has a huge advantage, causing that the swimming technique will not be damaged at all. Due to the place of the applying point it provides a continuous swimming technique and the rubber tubes cannot go between the user’s leg.

This product is only available in pairs.

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