Speed accelerator set


The set includes:

  • 1 piece of dryland sport belt
  • 1 piece of speed accelerator rope

The speed accelerator set combines the advantages of speed, power training and shuttle running.

The high quality, comfortable neoprene belt is unique on the market. It adjusts perfectly to the user’s body, it doesn’t harm the user’s skin; training with these equipment is a pleasure.

Recommended for any athletes at every level who want to increase speed or improve their efficiency while changes directions.

You only need to find a training partner to this.


Our comfortable dryland sport belt is made from high quality neoprene with a “free-moving” multi-directional ring. Linking this type of belt to our bungee ropes or rubber tubes is a piece of cake.

The special ring allows free movements for the athletes during any type of dryland resistance training.

We only recommend using it for land-based exercises supplemented with our bungee ropes and elastic tubes.

Available in 4 sizes (S 75×9, M 85 x 9, L 100 x9, XL 115 x9 cm)

Additional information


S 75x9cm, M 85x9cm, L 100x9cm, XL 115x9cm

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