Hosand aqua telemetry measurement system


Wi-Fi monitoring system that can be used in the water (even in open waters) and provides real-time data, such as the heart rate, on a pool-side PC or LCD monitor at any type of training or workout session (swimming, water polo, running, athletic training, rehabilitation etc.)

It can log up to 32 persons’ performances at the same time. One can follow the time spent at the target heart rate and the time it takes to recover.

The system includes an analytical software, an antenna, a signalling device and a heart rate monitor. This system is adaptable to every kind of water and dryland activities.

The usage of it results more effective trainings and less burnout among the athletes.

Just to mention a few: Men’s National Water Polo Team of Hungary, several Hungarian water polo, handball and swimming clubs use the hosand telemetry system.

The telemetry measurement system for 3 people includes: 

  • MC oft Software
  • 1 piece of Syncronization box 2.0
  • 1 piece of antenna 2.0
  • 1 piece of manual in English
  • 3 pieces of wifi transmitters
  • 3 pieces of T31 polar belts
  • 3 pieces of swimming tops
  • 3 pieces of measuring bands

How many people would you like to measure at the same time?

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