AquawallgymTM by Márton Szivós ShadoWall 200×75 cm, black

The brand-new ShadoWall has been develop by AquawallgymTM and Márton Szivós water polo world champion, coach.

Perfect training tool for

  • modelling man-up or man-down situations
  • practicing shooting over a block
  • developing the movement for getting out of the water
  • for goalkeepers: for saving shots coming behind blocks or saving penalty shoots
  • for improving reaction time of players and goalkeepers also.

The height of the ShadoWall is adjustable. So, it can be used for various trainings in all age groups. The number of exercises can only be limited by creativity.


Made of extremely durable, water-resistant material. With strong suction cups and rubber tubes it can be fixed to the bottom of any depth of pool.

Thanks to the size marks on the pillars the height of the ShadoWall can be changed (max. 80 cm from the water surface). So, it can be used in every age group and woman’s and men’s teams can also take advantage of the ShadoWall.

Installation of the ShadoWall takes only 5 min.

With only a few steps we can connect several ShadoWalls at the same time. It is a great way to practice offense tactics, man-up or man-down situations and at the same time improve the goalkeeper as well.

The set includes:

  • 2 pieces of floating soles
  • 2 pieces of pillars with sizes marks
  • 2 pieces of lower crossbars
  • 2 pieces of upper crossbars with a connection point at the end
  • 1 piece of water-resistant AquawallgymTM tarpaulin
  • 2 pieces of suction cups
  • 2 pairs of rubber tubes
  • 4 pieces of black fixing loop
  • 1 piece of rubber hammer
  • 1 piece assembly instructions video
  • 1 piece of bag

It is also possible to train the coaches and develop exercises, but this is not included in the package.

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