AquawallgymTM by Márton Szivós CenterBack body, 95×66 cm, black

Black belt CenterBack training only for tough guys!

The brand-new CenterBack body has been develop by AquawallgymTM and Márton Szivós water polo world champion, coach.

Perfect training tool for

  • practice center and back position-specific movement and exercises
  • strengthening power of eggbeating.

Hold your position and fight against the CenterBack body.


Made of extremely durable material covered by high quality neoprene suit. With strong suction cups and rubber tubes it can be fixed to the bottom and the side of any depth of pool.

Installation of the CenterBack body takes only 5 min.

The set includes:

1 CenterBack body (95×66 cm)

4 ropes (2 pieces of 7 m long and 2 pieces of 2 m long ship’s rope with stainless steel carabineers at the ends)

4 suction cups

2 pair of black (super strong) rubber tube

4 black fixing loop straps

1 “swim brief” from straps with buckle

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