Sport belt


Our sport belt is a unique, comfortable equipment on the market; created for water-use and made from high-quality neoprene. It adjusts perfectly to the user’s body, it doesn’t harm the user’s skin and it lets free movement in all directions as well.

Due to the 7 stainless-steel fixing D rings it has 7 applying points, which provides an easy link to our different rubber tubes.

Our sport belt is available in 4 different sizes, but due to the extra strong velcro there is a chance of adjusting each size, achieving the perfect fit.

Our sport belt was created to use specially in water. It can be used in shallow water for rehabilitation and also for improving strength and stamina. In deep water we only recommend it for those, who can swim at an advanced level, because the sport belt doesn’t help with floating.

For dryland training we recommend our special dryland sport belt.

Additional information


S 75x9cm, M 85x9cm, L 100x9cm, XL 115x9cm

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